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Raw Rape Blossom Honey is a Mono-Floral Honey. 220g

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The honeybees highly appreciate the Rapeseed plant, gathering from its important quantities of pollen and nectar. Rape honey is collected in May, is one of the first honey harvests of the year. Rape honey crystallizes quickly, it can crystallize even inside the comb and cannot be extracted anymore, it also called by beekeepers as “cement honey”. It has a delicious taste. This type of honey is preferred by many honeyeaters because it is not very sweet, it has white or ivory colour a smooth, creamy texture, and very low acidity with Ph 3.5-4.5. White or ivory colour. Health benefits of Raw Rape Honey: Raw Rape honey has healing properties, being recommended for curing kidney health problems. Rape plant oil, contain Q3, an element extremely important for bone development. For this reason, rape honey is used to treat osteoporosis. It also helps the regeneration and elasticity maintenance of vascular walls. Rape honey consumption protects the liver, the spleen, and the pancreas from various diseases. It is recommended for heartburn sufferers due to its very low acidity. Hungary is a GMO-free country, find out more: Good to know: Raw Rapeseed honey crystallizes very fast and it has a lovely creamy texture with very smooth crystals. It is very likely if you order rape honey from us, it will arrive set (crystallized) state. This is because we do not heat-treating our honey. If you prefer your rape-blossom honey softer, we would recommend putting the jar on the radiator for a few hours and it will soften up. Alternatively, you could just place it in some hot water and make sure the temperature is not higher than 40 °C. Origin: North West Hungary, the Danube region State: Set, Soft-Set

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