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Raw Greek Honey 100% pure - ARBUTUS (STRAWBERRY TREE HONEY) with Heather - rare winter honey of exceptional antioxidant and antibiotic content.

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Strawberry Tree honey, also known as Arbutus honey ( Kumaro in Greek), is not a regular sweet aromatic honey we are used to and is not easy to find. Arbutus honey has a quite bitter, almost unpleasant taste, but, fortunately, our Arbutus honey contains a percentage of heather due to the proximity of this plant to the Strawberry trees. Consumption of Arbutus honey provides a shield of protection for the human body, as it contains natural antibiotics and antioxidant activity in a higher percentage than other honey, even surpassing manuka honey. It has the accolade of being the healthiest of all honey. Combined with Heather (also high in antioxidants and other properties), the resulting combination is bitter-sweet and quite delicious. This honey is taken as medicine AND as food! Despite its taste, strawberry tree honey has all the other honey’s health benefits. It is used for immunity, respiratory diseases, wounds and burns, cardiovascular conditions, and digestive issues. It is preventative more than it is curative, just like any other type of honey. But like all honey, each has its particularities. Strawberry Tree honey it is its exceptionally high antioxidant concentration. Only now are we becoming more aware of its medicinal use? This type of honey is indeed rare, not least because it is winter honey, rare in itself. It is harvested in late October to December, which, if exceptionally cold, can wreak havoc on production. Also, for smaller producers, like ourselves, who have a limited number of hives, those used for the production of Arbutus late in the year cannot then be used for the more abundant spring and summer honey as preparation time is too short. The big producers are reluctant to produce Arbutus due to its strange, bitter taste and resultant low sales. Many honey lovers, therefore, are still unaware of its unique properties.

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