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Raw Greek Honey 100% Pure - Pine from The Mountain of Mantoudi.

About this Item
The mountain of Mantoudi is dominated by pine trees. It is there that the scale insect Archalina Hellenica lives on the sap of these pine trees producing the remarkable honeydew through which, in turn, our bees produce this exquisite honey. It has a subtle sweetness (typical of forest honeys), a malty, spicy aroma and a woody, slightly caramelised flavour and aftertaste. Due to the low concentration of sugars, it contains fewer calories compared to floral honey. It has, however, important nutritional values with a high ash content and is rich in metals and all minerals. Because of its low Ph and high concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide, this honey effectively combats a broad spectrum of bacteria (anti-bacterial) and viruses (anti-viral) and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is ideal for throat diseases and general respiratory problems, and has diuretic properties. Raw Greek honey is considered the finest in the world due to the extraordinary diversity of flora and unlimited, powerful summer sun. Contains all the vitamins, minerals, metals, proteins, enzymes, pollens and anti-oxidants not present in refined, heated, commercial honey. Traditionally produced on Sinanoglou's small rural farm.

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